Breaking Through Silence in Therapy

At the heart of it the Decision Deck is a tool for expression. Drilling down to deeper needs and intentions, and discovering new ways to act. “I’ve used them on a few occasions and they’ve proved to be helpful companions for therapy. One client is experiencing selective mutism, and while he is able to communicate […]


Bridging Learner Preferences in Partnerships

By now most of us have an inkling that the factory model of schooling is outdated, we all learn in different ways. However this notion doesn’t end at school, it impacts the way we interpret and communicate information to each other. How we come to shared agreements can be quite tricky but a bridge tool […]


Enhancing College Application Writing

“This summer I introduced the Decision Deck for F&M College Prep, a three-week college immersion program for high-achieving, first-generation rising high school seniors. We used the Decision Deck during the Writing Workshops, to help students to brainstorm and decide on a topic for their college application essays. With the options to use roles, pictures, and […]