Bridging Learner Preferences in Partnerships

By now most of us have an inkling that the factory model of schooling is outdated, we all learn in different ways. However this notion doesn’t end at school, it impacts the way we interpret and communicate information to each other. How we come to shared agreements can be quite tricky but a bridge tool like the Decision Deck can be helpful, as business coach Adriaan Schepel found.

“I’ve used the Decision Deck with two of my clients who are business partners, and though one is a visual thinker and the other a text-based learner, they both get leverage from different parts of the pack. They are liking the freedom to use it in adaptive ways. When presenting their selections, they both feel seen / heard … visible and audible to the other.”aschepelAdriaan Schepel, Operations Director & Coach at Transforming Conversations