Breaking Through Silence in Therapy

At the heart of it the Decision Deck is a tool for expression. Drilling down to deeper needs and intentions, and discovering new ways to act.

“I’ve used them on a few occasions and they’ve proved to be helpful companions for therapy.

One client is experiencing selective mutism, and while he is able to communicate comfortably in session, this remains a challenge for him in his day-to-day life. I used the cards to explore the barriers and fears regarding open communication with others. The client was drawn to the pictures and spent quite some time selecting images that spoke to different aspects of his difficulty, as well as images depicting his hope for the future. The client found the idea of the “applying the powers of” challenging, and time did not allow us to view the profiles on the website in session. The client did enjoy choosing the remains cards in the deck and I have returned to his choices in subsequent sessions. The cards were particularly helpful with this client because it helped him identify and express his experience in a way he had not done previously, and identified specific avenues of change that he was willing to explore.” – Tony Ritchie, Psychologist, Windsor Professional Centre, NSW Australia