Value Cards

Using the value cards

The value cards are designed to build a case around the harmony-768x768intentions you have for the outcome of a creative decision. Knowing the broader impact of a decision can help you narrow down options or create novel options that best align with higher values.

The values cards are inspired by Brian Hall and Benjamin Tonna’s evaluation of the 125 values that humanity exhibits cross-culturally. Hall (1994) holds that Vision, Compassion and Courage values are necessary for growth. There must be a vision or aim you are aspiring to, the action must come from a place of compassionate intention, and a source of courage must be sought to take action. Our action research project found that a creative decision is often a courageous decision. And that courage, is determined by the sense of inner resilience or spark that will surface in the face of an undesirable outcome.


  • Consider a decision that you want to make.
  • Select a card from each category; A, C and R . Note that vision/aim cards are marked ‘A’.
  • Complete the sentences below by filling in the blanks. Feel free to rework and rewrite the sentences into prose that brings clarity to your intentions and needs.
  • Use your new understanding to winnow or create new options that satisfy your values requirements.


In my decision…I am seeking as sense of _________.  I am fostering a sense of ____________.  To be bold on this quest I need ____________.


Vision / Aim Cards

The vision/ aim cards marked A, indicate how you would like the outcome of the decision to be perceived, either for yourself or the beneficiaries of the decision. Beyond the specifics, what is the higher purpose of the creative decision?

I am seeking as sense of ...

Awe: Seeking awe indicates that the outcome your decision is to induce a sense of reverential wonder that moves people with a mix of fear and excitement.

Belonging: If you are seeking a sense of belonging the ultimate aim of your decision is to promote bonding to strengthen relationships. And potentially create an environment of acceptance.

Service: Seeking a sense of service means your aim is to ensure that contributions of effort, skills and talents are made, to better a situation.

Justice: Seeking justice means that your decision plays a part addressing oppression to restoring equality and fairness.

Compassion Cards

If we want to create a viable, peaceful world, we’ve got to integrate compassion into the gritty realities of 21st century life. – Karen Armstrong

The compassion cards are concerned with the wider impact on others and the heartfelt intention from which the decision is being made. Every decision, even a personal decision has an impact on others that can be helpful or hindering.

I am fostering a sense of ...

Control: If your are fostering control there is a need to bring forth a sense of order or regain power.

Loyalty: Fostering loyalty is to use the decision to display steadfast and consistent commitment to and idea or person.

Empathy: Fostering empathy is to encourage yourself and others to use personal presence to feel the pains and concerns of others.

Harmony: Selecting harmony indicates your desire to foster agreement and wholeness.

Resilience Cards

Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage. – Maya Angelou

Decisions become less trepidatious when we know that we can bounce back from the downside of the decision. Taking risks requires courage. You can develop courage by building a foundation of resilience, an inner knowing that of what you need to quickly recover from at set back.

To be bold on this quest I need ...

Safety: What would you need to have in place to feel confident that you will have a safe landing?

Affirmation: In what ways can you remind yourself of your capabilities? What evidence can you point to that helps you recognize that success is indeed possible?

Faith: Does this decision simply require a leap of faith? How might you draw upon inner beliefs?

Wisdom: What do you need to know? What special piece of knowledge or insights do you need to gain?

Color code


  • Red = Survival mode
  • Orange = Coping mode
  • Green = Creative mode
  • Purple = Visionary mode

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